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RNC Coffee Ltd.

Founded in 2013 by Jamie Nichols, RNC Coffee Ltd. (RnCRC) is built around the concept of ethical trade, specialty coffee – locally roasted coffee in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Coffee varieties are curated on a seasonal basis and imported from a wide variety of global coffee producers and farms. We roast in small batches that are carefully tended to achieve the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, work, and on the go. Part of that experience is in knowing exactly where your coffee comes from – for this reason we include the names and locations of all single origin farms and/or co-ops on our labels. Another important element is the roast date, not to be confused with a best before or expiry date. Freshly roasted coffee beans are best if used within 3 – 4 weeks of the roast date.

Our Values

We care about connection, literacy, and community. The core value at Rose N Crantz Roasting Co. is that coffee should be an enjoyable experience that brightens your day and brings people together. 

Developing a coffee ritual within your day means that coffee becomes that experience and not just a caffeine delivery system! We want to remove the barriers to specialty coffee and bring industry issues related to gender equity, colonialism, and climate change into the regular coffee conversation. 


RnCRC is committed to supporting research and agricultural developments related to coffee production. We contribute to organizations such as Kiva, a micro-lending organization that directly benefits small coffee producers around the world, and World Coffee Research, whose mission is to “grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it“. This commitment also leads us to regularly support the local efforts of Roots Community Food CentreWake the Giant, Caring Hearts, and many more. We are proud to be a part of the local food movement in Thunder Bay!

Loving our coffee every day

The Production Team

Michelle Mucha

Production Manager

Such drive in a petite, mighty package. Michelle keeps everyone organized and on task. She is responsible for our production team and keeps everyone in line with wit and sarcasm. Just our type of manager. Michelle is also the owner of Majesty Makings a custom Women's wear company. Drop by to check out some of the latest in the line while having some coffee.

Jenna Hayes

Production Assistant

Jenna fills out our hippy / green initiatives component of our crew. Not satisfied with cows milk, she's working on bringing milk alternatives to our cafe and will be establishing a bring-your-own-container bulk buying system in our shop.  Stop in to see what she's working on. 

Production Assistant & Cafe Manager

Loving our Coffee from behind the scenes

The Executive

Jamie Nichols

CEO & Head Roaster

Jamie began experimenting with roasting coffee in 2012 after moving home to Thunder Bay and struggling to find a local specialty coffee option. He is happiest when settled in with a great cup of coffee and a chat with others who are equally as invested in coffee and our community.

The Rose N Hound

Mascot & Model

The majestic RosenHound. We'd like to say that he pulls his weight around here but other than napping excessively, distributing copious amounts of fur around the house and being a magnet for social media attention, his duties are light. Will work for bacon and neck scritches.

Jesse Roberts

"Jill of All Trades"

Jesse works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Jamie stays on track. Jesse also plays essential roles in social media, product photography, online customer service, wordsmithing, health and safety, and generally keeping morale high. While this is a volunteer side-gig for Jesse, she nonetheless can be credited for keeping the business on the rails through audacity, cajoling and humour.

Loving Our Coffee of Years Past


Past People That Got Us Here

A nod to those that helped us out along the way
We have been truly lucky to have had the very best employees and volunteers over the years. While you might not see them around the shop very much anymore, most of these folks either drop in from time to time or they come back to help out when we need it.
We honestly couldn't have gotten this far without them. Here's at least a partial list of folks we'd like to acknowledge.

Evie S. - Roastery Manager and Finder-of-Things
Sam R. - Market Manager and Trainer
Michelle C. - Market Manager and Trainer
Stephanie S. - Barista and Hugger
Carla N. - Barista and Theater Buff
Stephanie S. - Barista and Morale Booster
Gareth A. - Barista and Token Dude
Frankie P. - Barista and Certified Young Person
Miera T. - Barista and She-of-Random-Poses
Moss L. - Barista and Ray of Sunshine

What People Say About Us

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