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Timemore 123 GO (Grind and Brew)


Looking beyond hand-grinding but want the portability? This is the unit for you.

Timemore designs and manufactures high-quality products with a focus on ease-of-use and affordability. With the 123 GO line, they have combined their knowledge and expertise in both coffee grinding and brewing, to create a unique, all-in-one solution for high-quality coffee brewing on the go.

Equipped with the high-precision burrs found in Timemore hand grinders, the 123 GO offers the same, reliable, grind uniformity and the convenience of battery operation in a quiet, compact package. Coupled with a precision, 13-hole water dripper and fine mesh cone filter, the 123 GO enables consistent, flavourful extraction in approximately three minutes, using hot water poured from any kettle or carafe.

Keep it plugged in on your countertop or desk for a convenient grinding and brewing experience throughout the day, or zip it into the included carrying case for consistently satisfying coffee wherever you go.

Buy the Standard model with a Stainless Steel burr set or upgrade to Titanium-coated burrs by purchasing the Advanced model.