Sulawesi Microlot Coffee


Indonesian coffees are widely known and loved (such as Java and Sumatra) – Sulawesi coffee producers primarily produce washed coffees for export, and our partners at PT Toarco, a Japanese-Indonesian joint mill and export venture, are experts at producing clean, sweet, and fruity coffees. Sulawesi coffee is best known for its silky body, moderate acidity, and smooth finish. It is often sweet and savoury with a heavy mouthfeel and sugarcane juice, cocoa and herbaceous flavours.

Region: Toraja

Farm: Various smallholder farms

Variety: S795

Altitude: 900-1600 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Fruity, sweet, and rich with subtle notes of cherry and smoke

Best Brewed As: Immersion (French Press), Drip, Pour Over

Weekly order deadline: Monday at 11:59pm.
Local pickups every Wednesday and Thursday.
Weekly home delivery in Thunder Bay: Thursday.


Grind Options

We strongly recommend grinding just before brewing (within 5 minutes).
However, if you need your coffee ground, please choose from the options below.

Sulawesi Microlot Coffee